Feldenkrais® Courses

Feldenkrais® - Awareness through Movement

September Summit in group in studio and on-line

Christmas course 2022
15.12.2022 - 20.12.2022, Tuesdays 19h- 20h
6 appointements; cost: € 120,--/ session
Location: Parisergasse 4/1, 1010 Vienna

Winter course 1 2023: 
9.1.2023 - 27.3.2023, Monday 19h - 20h
10 Sessions; Price: € 190,--
Site: Panda-Atelier Lindengasse 11/1/2, 1070 Wien

Winter course 2 2023: 
11.1.2023 - 29.3.2023, Wednesday 19h - 20h
10 Sessions; Price: € 190,--
Site: Bennoplatz 6/10, 1080 Wien





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Feldenkrais Courses - Awareness through movement...

...take place in a group. We explore different and unusual movement variations with simple movements in a light and playful way. This gives the nervous system the opportunity to perceive subtle differences and to recognise alternatives in the sensing. This means that we will not imitate and repeat "correct" movements, but we challenge the nervous system to find solutions for freer and pain-free movements in a playful way.

Feldenkrais Individual Lessons - Functional Integration...

I offer individual lessons on request.

Individual lessons with the Feldenkrais Method enable an even more effective learning process than group lessons. The movements take place mainly lying down, but also sitting or standing. Usually the student is guided through gentle movements while lying on a wide Feldenkrais couch. The Feldenkrais teacher gives the student the opportunity to improve the organisation of movement by means of fine touches and movements. 




Gruppenstunden im Studio